Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunshine Blog Award

What better way to start November than with a Blog Award?

This one was given to me by my friend Dean Pace-French
If memory serves, we met during the GUTGAA craziness.
Or was it WriteOnCon? It's all kind of a blur...

I'll be answering 8 questions, then passing the Sunshine Award on to ten, make that eleven, more writer-bloggers.

1. What is your Favorite Christmas/Festive movie?
    A Christmas Carol. The George C. Scott version. I loved him as Rochester in Jane Eyre too.

2. What is your Favorite Flower?
     I can't pick just one. Peony (so showy, with so little effort) and Wisteria (poetry by Nature).

3. What is your Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage?
     Coffee. Hot or Cold. Any time of day. Any time of year. Yeah, I have a little problem.

4. What is your Passion?
     Writing. Of course.

5. What is your Favorite Time of Year?
     Autumn. Best weather. Best holidays. Best food.

6. What is your Favorite Time of Day?
    Morning. After the doggies have their walk, and I sit down to write, revise, and alright, I confess, SOMETIMES even let myself be distracted by Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

7. What is your Favorite Physical Activity?
     Walking. On the beach. In the Woods. Wherever there's something beautiful to look at.

8. What is your Favorite Vacation Spot?
     Paris. The most magical city I've visited, at least so far.

And my Nominees are...oops, let me get my reading glasses.

There, that's MUCH better.

*If you're doing NaNoWriMo or have some other "big thing" in the works, please feel free to pick up your award at your convenience.
But let me know when you've got your post up, so I can check out your answers.

1. SJP

2. John Krissilas

3. Chris Allen-Riley

4. Jaye Robin Brown

5. Pat Esden

6. A K Fotinos-Hoyer

11. Poppy My bonus recipient, for being my latest Tweep

 How about a nice round of applause for those brilliant bloggers!


  1. Thank you Rhiann - we are so sympatico - autumn, mornings, Paris, coffee - I'll let you know when I answer them.

    1. Looking forward to it! And I am loving the sound of an autumn morning at a Paris cafe...

  2. Thanks so much! totally jealous of your reading glasses too ;)