Art school is Sparrow Greenleaf's ticket out of Hoarder Centralthe condemnable mobile home she shares with her compulsive mom, slacker stepdad, and fledgling arsonist brother.
But when her college fund is liquidated to bail her stepdad out of jail, and her kid brother sets fire to their house, her aspirations go up in smoke.
With flight no longer an option, Sparrow finally confronts her innermost fears and ultimately reinvents her dream.
Emma Watson could play Sparrow, she's got the right look here.
 Psychadelic Paint Job
+ Mobile Home
= Sparrow's house
And her mom has
a Compulsive Disorder

 This is the first card Sparrow picks from her BF Sofia's Tarot Deck.

The second card Sparrow chooses is The Tower.

 The third card she chooses is The World.

There is a love interest, of course.
In Sparrow's case his name is Mac, formally known as Duncan MacTavish.
Sparrow likes to call him Fiona.
He's the class clown and a bagpiper. He wears kilts for special occasions.