UNQUIET SOULS is a YA Paranormal novel based on the premise that restless spirits may attempt to satisfy their thwarted passions through the living.  (Seeking representation).

The story is set in present day Maine but has connections to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

I am descended from Mary Towne Estey.  She and her two sisters, Rebecca Nurse and Sarah Cloyce, were accused of witchcraft.  Mary and Rebecca were hanged.  During my research for this book I was most inspired by Margaret Jacobs, accused at age seventeen.

Trial of George Jacobs by Thompkins H. Matteson 1855

There are no known images of Margaret Jacobs or her grandfather, just as there are no known trial records.  Her grandfather wears a red cape (note his walking stick on the floor).  Margaret is in the tawny skirt, pointing - accusing him of witchcraft.  Her mother, known to be mentally disturbed, lunges at her from behind. Margaret's father, George Jr. is beside George Sr.  The young people in the front are having "fits".


Miniature believed to be of S. Parris

Entries from the (fictitious) diary of Reverend Samuel Parris are included in UNQUIET SOULS
George Jacobs Senior's Marker
at Rebecca Nurse Homestead

Some of my sea glass collection

This old farmhouse is just the sort of place I had in mind for Ezekiel Hovey's home (he is the crotchety historian in the story who decodes the diary's seventeenth century script). 
He lives here with his cat Mary.


  1. ok...now i'm convinced. one of my novels goes into the 17th century witch trials (in CT). i definitely dig your style!

    1. Things are getting downright spooky now. Separated at birth?!?

  2. I look forward to reading this someday. Good luck with publication!