My dogs thought they deserved their own page...
Sophie Queen Dowager
Sophie was our first dog. She is now nearly 13.
She is a Whippet, a cat in a dog body, a heat-seeking couch potato.

Daisy and Buster are Irish Jack Russell Terriers
(don't believe all the bad press JRTs get)

Daisy Age 6 weeks

Daisy akaThe Boss.
When she's proving a point she sounds a lot like a Tasmanian Devil.
She's fast, fiesty, and very smart. Also very snuggly.

Buster & Daisy age 1 year

Buster Age 8 Weeks
Buster Age 1 year

Buster is the "pack guy" and follows me wherever I go, even if it's to the bathroom.
He sucks on his bed like it's his mama.
 He has a lot in common with The Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz.