Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday's Children 9/20/12 - Cornstalks & Coptic Bombshells

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Writing, being published, it's all part of the journey, and most of us have far to go.  Hopefully keeping each other company and sharing our inspirations will make the trip more fun, if not any shorter. 

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Generally I have to chain my muse to something - an image, an idea, a song - before she'll start actually working on my behalf.

My muse doesn't know quite what to make of this week's "somethings".  Can't say I really blame her...

Cornstalks - Up Close and Personal

What's with the cornstalks?  Well, cornstalk mazes are creepy - I've already written one into my book UNQUIET SOULS. 
And I'm not the only one inspired by corn - there's that other "Maine-ah" (that would be "Mainer" for those of you who don't live here) Stephen King.  He knows a few things about cornfields too.

I took these photos while we were at an orchard picking apples.  The one on the left inspires me to paint (but I have no time for that).  The one below inspires me to write a story about cornstalks that come to life after dark.  I can tell you right now they'll be up to no good.

Qoute of the Week - "The world is not really crawling with crooked papyrologists"
- Roger Bagnall, regarding the possibility of a Mrs. Jesus Christ.

A business card-sized bit of papyrus from the second century might
turn Christianity on its ear. 

I've used an heirloom diary in one of my books, but now I'm thinking
smaller, older, secret code or defunt language...

Somebody will definitely be writing a book about the scrap below, just not me -
Kristina, how about you?

And speaking of my partner in crime, here's a link to her blog. 
This week's post is titled Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You


  1. I know plenty of crooked medievalists! Scratches chin. Buys fedora. Love your post!

  2. Well, there's yet another story idea for you - not that you need any because prolificness is certainly nothing you need worry about.

  3. Those cornstalks coming alive at night -- an excellent story idea, just the right inspiration for a Halloween short!
    Thanks for the post -- I'll try to join you next Thursday...
    Wonderful idea!

  4. Yolanda, yes please - join us! If you decide to, just give me a heads up Tues or Wed so we can put links to your blog in our posts. Can't wait to see what inspires you...

  5. How utterly creepy! Live cornstalks:) Fantastic idea!

    I'm working on my awards and meme and hope to get them published very soon. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get them posted on my blog. I think I joined one too many contests at the same time! I just entered a flash fiction this week (it's up n my blog now) and signed up for another to start in October, plus now I have two workshops I signed up for, not counting GUTGAA. Yipes!

    Anyway, I love the cornstalk idea!
    Also, what is Thursdays Children? I may sign up for that, too!

    I just signed up to follow you:)

  6. Yes, I saw you there among my lovely Inklings :) Thanks! I know what you mean about contests and bloghopping. I've had very little time for actual writing - not good. Thursday's Children was born out my weekly Inspirational Thursday posts and Kristina coming up with the idea of getting other writers together for mutual benefit and fun. So she's planning to come up with a widget and I think we'll ultimately have some kind of linky list or something (she's definitely the one with the tech skills). We'd love to have you along. Going to your blog to check out your flash fiction now...

  7. Here is the link for my flash fiction:

    If that doesn't work, just go to my blog and click on the 3rd post from the top entitled Ever Blog Hop.

    as for joining my blog, I have a google friend connect, just like yours. Let me know if you still have problems.

    Thanks for coming over:) Can't wait until next Thursday!

  8. Hey, I did join your blog already as it turns out, and I did vote for you as well. Good luck!